Commercial Properties

Building Surveying Solutions can offer their services to help with the following commercial properties:

Property Managers

We work closely with Property Managers to highlight problems, preparing and monitoring budgets, preparation of license applications and 5-10 year maintenance plans. We provide overview inspection reports to itemise any necessary works required to comply with statutory regulations and general maintenance.

Landlord & Tenant

We prepare Schedules of Dilapidation, both interim and final, in accordance with lease covenants and Licenses for Alteration Applications as well as the provision of skilled negotiators to Landlords & Tenants. 

We can prepare either a priced terminal or un-priced interim schedule of dilapidations on behalf of Landlords and can negotiate for either the Tenant or Landlord in respect of these matters.

Pre Acquisition Surveys

Our in-depth building inspection reports are complete with current and ongoing budget costs for any remedial/maintenance works required together with our reports provide a description and condition of the property and all defects are itemised and described.